Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Its Car Free Day again

For the second year in running, 'Air' the voluntary organization that promotes cycling is organizing Car Free Day, on May 23. The objective is to sensitize Bangalore's citizens to its deteriorating environment, road discipline and promote cycling as a fun, free and fast form of transport. The organizers say that the idea is not to remove cars off the road but to promote cars as a clean and healthy alternative mode of transport (anyone who values his life will not heed this suggestion on Bangalore's roads). For more details check

The idea of periodically making parts of the city free from motorized traffic for an entire day is a much needed. The idea itself has been experimented with by former Commissioner of Police, H T Sangliana. Say, if MG Road and its surroundings are banned to traffic for the second Sunday every month and some other area on some other Sunday, by rotation, it would make shopping so much more a pleasurable experience. Parking for vehicles could be provided at some ground at a walkable distance. Imagine walking down the middle of M G Road and getting a breath of fresh air. That will be the day!


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