Sunday, May 16, 2004

BATF throws in the towel

Deccan Herald discusses the possible future that awaits the BATF

The comments made by some of the BATF members about the forum having ceased to exist because S.M.Krishna is no longer Chief Minister sounds like a convenient excuse to put an end to its survival. One wonders if the BATF members all along worked out of their own committment or because of Mr. Krishna's prodding. Why is the BATF assuming that the new dispensation in the state will be negatively disposed to them? Isn't it for them to convince the new Government that they have no political affiliation and their's is solely a development agenda which should continue to receive encouragement? If the present members of the BATF took up this assignment because of their personal equation with the outgoing Chief Minister and not because of any noble intentions then they must clearly state so and make way for new members who will take over their roles. The members of the BATF will be doing the citizens of Bangalore a great disservice if they throw in the towel when there might be no fight at all! Unless such vehicles of participative governance become institutionalized there is no hope for development in this country.


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