Monday, May 03, 2004

... and the bad

As the day progressed, the drizzle continued relentlessly and towards the evening turned into a heavy downpour which lasted for about 15 minutes. And that was all it took to bring this mighty city of the future to its knees. Roads resembled what we hope the river Cauvery would look like (but rarely does), peak hour traffic was reduced to a pace than the normal snail's pace that it moves at, office goers were stranded with puddles of water everywhere and auto drivers refusing to ply people unless a substantial premium was forked out, reckless drivers spraying the slush on hapless pedestrians. If a 15 minute downpour can do this, I don't want to think of what disaster the monsoon could bring. Time the BMP stopped putting out sleek adverts glorifying itself and get down to some work.


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