Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Trees continue to fall and be felled

The unabated attack on green life continues. One has lost count of the number of trees that has fallen prey to flyover construction, road widening, vaastu and because someone found the tree on the pavement in front of his house shedding too many leaves in his compound. Some 20 odd trees seem to have made way for an auditorium complex in the Sacred Hearts Girl's High School campus near Asirvadam Circle on Residency Road. A whole copse of them for another commercial complex, Prestige Richmond, on the stretch of road between Richmond Circle and the junction of Langford Road and Double Road. The widening of the Viveknagar Main Road running from Airport Road (near the Command Hospital) to Ejipura has seen another bunch of them part their way from this erstwhile green city of mine. And these are only the instances that I have personally observed in the last week or so. A comprehensive list can fill a blog on its own.


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