Monday, April 26, 2004

Post-Krishna scenario

The Economic Times examines the hypothetical situation of a post-Krishna scenario for Bangalore. My personal take on Krishna is while he has not done anything pathbreaking to save a rapidly deteriorating Bangalore, his commitment to the city's development and his numerous initiatives ranging from the BATF to giving a free hand to performing departments like the BDA, single-minded pursuit of getting the International Airport off the ground (he came real close but the Central Government is still playing party-pooper) deserve plaudits. One might argue that Bangalore by now has a conducive ecosystem for industry to thrive. But infrastructure and civic services, accountability of the authorities and transparency and participative governance have a long distance to cover. The sheer momentum that is already in place might ensure that no matter who comes to power they would have no choice but to continue the reforms. Probably, but we have the example of J H Patel who's administration single-handedly ensured Bangalore almost disappeared off the investment map of the country (it was during his tenure that Bangalore witnessed 4 hour power cuts daily and Microsoft went to Hyderabad). So, one cannot rest assured on that count.


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