Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The National College flyover

In another of its inexplicable decisions, the BMP decided to build a flyover at the National College circle in Basavanagudi leaving residents aghast. While experts recommend that flyovers be built only at intersections that see more than 8000 vehicles passing at peak time, this one saw only 5000 at the worst of times. The disruption that the flyover would cause in a predominantly residential area and one of Bangalore's greenest, shrouded firmly in greenery was tremendous. Residents petitioned the BMP and the Chief Minister, both of who, not surprisingly turned a blind eye. The circle was dismantled and construction commenced. It is another of our democracy's quirks that while the residents of the area strongly oppose the development, the powers that be have decided to go ahead with it regardless. Environmentalists and citizens led morchas and dharnas and even threatened to boycott the election, all to no avail. Construction continues unabated. Even the High Court was petitioned. For some strange reason, the HC has chosen not even to stay construction while the petition is being heard and has conveniently postponed the verdict till after the Judges return from their summer vacation, by which time most of the damage would have been done.


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