Friday, April 23, 2004

Is Bangalore a superbrand?

Deccan Herald begins by asking if Bangalore enjoys the same awe as a Microsoft or GE, although it is known for its good climate and friendly people. A brand is something that conveys quality, trust, value and reputability to the consumer. If one sees Bangalore as a land of opportunity then perhaps it does. But the reality is quite farther from the truth I would say. What one expects from a city is a reasonably pleasant place to live in which provides for a reasonable means of livelihood. If you are in the Information Technology industry it might be a great place for your career growth. But the city falters on delivering even basic services to the citizen. Be it water, power, quality of air, ease of commuting, affordability of housing, the city doesn't measure up to global standards on any count. An Indian superbrand, it might be.


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