Sunday, April 25, 2004

Glimpses of a green city

Watched this movie, Freaky Chakra, belonging to the new age genre of Indian movies in English, on Star Movies. Released in 2003 the movie is about an ill-tempered young widow who gets transformed after she meets a 19-year old student. Made by a Bangalore-based ad man V K Prakash the movie is shot entirely in Bangalore. Although 90% of the movie is set in an apartment complex on Richmond Road (Rich Homes), opposite Baldwin Girls School, one gets to see visuals of green Bangalore that is eye candy. The apartment complex is ensconsed in a sea of greenery and you are likely to miss it on your left just after you descend the Richmond Road ramp of the Richmond Circle flyover. Much of the movie is shot in a bedroom that opens out into a balcony enveloped in the caressing canopy of a mammoth rain tree. There are a few sequences shot on Bangalore's roads covered in green. Surely, a sight for sore eyes. But it might not be long before one will have to turn to movies from the past to get glimpses of what was once a green city. :-((


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