Thursday, April 22, 2004

Commercialization of residential localities

Although not a planned city, Bangalore could once boast of atleast impeccably planned localities like Jayanagar with broad tree lined avenues, shopping arcade, parks and gardens, playgrounds and other amenities. All that is changing fast. With building bye-laws given a go-by, unbridled commercialization has meant shopping complexes have sprouted bang in the midst of residences bringing along with them traffic, parking problems and making a huge nuisance of themselves. Add to it soaring property values and most residents are selling out and moving to apartments or outside the city. And more commercial space springs up on their land ruining what was once closest to paradise on earth. 11th Main Road (Sri Aurobindo Marg), Geetha Colony, 15th Cross (Madhavan Park Circle to South End Circle) in Jayanagar are all stark examples of a Bangalore transformed from a pensioner's paradise to a polluted, congested nightmare.


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